Paint with Diamonds

Inspired by cross-stitch intricacy and Paint by Numbers kit, the diamond painting kit is equally intricate, meditative, and artistic.

Understanding the codes and apply teeny tiny reflective ‘diamonds’ to the super-adhesive canvas creates stunning Diamond wall art. And the satisfaction you feel after investing an hour in a marvelous art piece without any art background is matchless.

Although you don’t really need to have experience with arts and crafts, you need to know how to recreate the original art piece using tiny resin diamonds.

What’s Included in a Painting with Diamond Kit?

Our diamond painting kit includes the following essentials:

  • Premium quality color-coded canvas
  • Vivid canvas template
  • Reflective resin diamonds
  • A stylus, wax, diamond segregating tray
  • Color-coded charts and instruction manual
Diamond Painting- Buddies
Diamond Painting- Buddies
Diamond Painting- Buddies
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