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Inspired from cross-stitch intricacy and Paint by Numbers kit, the diamond painting kit is equally intricate, meditative, and artistic.

Understanding the codes and apply teeny tiny reflective ‘diamonds’ to the super-adhesive canvas creates stunning Diamond wall art. And the satisfaction you feel after investing an hour in a marvelous art piece without any art background is matchless.

Although you don’t really need to have experience with arts and crafts, you need to know how to recreate the original art piece using tiny resin diamonds.

So, here’s an in-depth guide to help you walk through the process of painting by diamond.

What’s Painting with Diamonds?

Introduced in 2017 to North America and Europe by the renowned Paint With Diamond ™ Company, millions benefited from the mind-calming benefits of diamond painting.

Unlike traditional paintings and crafts, painting by diamonds requires precision, focus, flow, and perfection with resin rhinestones instead of paintbrushes.

What’s Included in a Painting with Diamond Kit?

Our diamond painting kit includes the following essentials:

  • Premium quality color-coded canvas

  • Vivid canvas template

  • Reflective resin diamonds

  • A stylus, wax, diamond segregating tray

  • Color-coded charts and instruction manual

Step By Step Guide to Master Your First Diamond Painting

  • Open & Lay the Canvas On a Flat, Smooth Surface

To create a sparkling mosaic artwork with colorful diamonds, simply unbox the entire kit, to begin with. Roll open the canvas onto a flat surface be it a kitchen slab or workstation.

  • Decode & Pour Diamonds

Decode the portion you wish to begin with, pick the right diamonds, and pour them into the grooved tray. Shaking the tray slightly will help shift diamonds upright for you to easily pick them.

  • Apply Wax on the Stylus

Our wax works as a magnet for the diamonds. So, dip the stylus into the wax and press it to apply it to the tip.

  • Identify & Pick the Right Diamonds

Each diamond box has a symbol or character assigned to it. Using color-coded charts, figure out the color that should be placed into a box. Then peel off the plastic adhesive film off the canvas very slightly from the portion you wish to work on first.


  • Place the Diamonds Onto the Canvas

Pick the diamonds by pressing the stylus on the diamonds rounded top faces. Then, continue placing the diamonds into their specified boxes until the dazzling artwork SHINES BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND on the canvas!


  • Seal It off

To ensure the longevity of the painting by diamond artwork, seal it properly before putting it on a display.

And feel proud of yourself for coming so far. It will hang there as a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. Trust us, this is the best part of each painting by diamond—the soul-satisfying end result.

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