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Life Full Supplies 

 We are a bunch of art lovers who love to spend time staring at a colourful painting or gazing at the moon. When we decided to do our own paintings, we were quite excited. We remember the first time we started painting it was difficult to recreate the images into the canvas as we were not pros.


We got our hands-on PAINT BY NUMBERS which is a unique method of painting that can help anyone to do the painting themselves, without the need for any lessons or tutorials. The PAINT BY NUMBERS kit comes with a canvas that has the image outline and marking off numbers. It has a couple of brushes and a set of Paints (numbered). All you have to do is paint the areas of the canvas with the same numbered paint. That’s it! and you are able to create the amazing painting that you can display straight on your wall.



 Why did we start up a dedicated PAINT BY NUMBERS online store?

Our objective is to make it easy for customers to buy PAINT BY NUMBERS kits locally here in UAE at the best possible price and get it delivered to them within 2-3 working days.

We wanted the customers to enjoy a wide range of collections of PAINT BY NUMBERS.

We ensure that our kits are sourced from the best of the suppliers and are of the best quality.

We also make sure that we provide a variety of designs to choose from by ensuring the designs are updated by adding new designs regularly.


Why PAINT BY NUMBERS? Why Painting?

Painting is considered as one of the most therapeutic activities of all times but not everyone wants to pick up a brush and do it- hence Life Full Supplies offers this DIY PAINT BY NUMBERS kit for each and everyone who wants to detach themselves from technology, unwind within the comfort of their home, exciting bonding activity with family and friends, release stress, worries and anxieties through simple and easy steps creating a life full piece of art.

Our Mission

Life Full Supplies has a simple mission- make arts & crafts part of our everyday lives.
That’s why we made sure that we have a wide range of designs at a very reasonable price with guaranteed quality products.

PAINT BY NUMBERS kit can be enjoyed by anyone- from kids to adults. It is versatile enough to use for personal and as a gift to someone else.

All we want is for you to experience the pleasure this kit has to offer- plus the unparalleled health benefits it brings.
Happy Life Full Painting!

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