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Diamond Painting- Sunflowers

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Brand: Life Full Supplies
Recall the experience of a focused creative task that you had done without distraction! The flow, the focus, and the mental peace kept you going for hours perfecting the final piece, right?

Yet, we bet nothing can be more vibrant, creative, artistic, and fun than our painting by diamonds. Designed with precision, the diamond painting kit boosts patience, perseverance, creativity, and peace of mind. With each diamond placement, you get engrossed in the sparkly diamond canvas forgetting the worries of the world.
An utterly practical art kit for children, adults, or the elderly, the painting by diamond kit can benefit you in tons of beautiful ways:
     Fades Away Mental Stressors
 The painting by diamond relaxes the amygdala (the fear center) putting an end to your anxieties, stress, and depression about the past and future, bringing absolute calm and joy to the heart.
     Regain the Flow & Focus
To understand what it takes to steer clear of your tasks of distractions, you need to experience it once. Designed to increase focus, attention span, and the joy of ‘getting into the flow’, the sparkly diamond painting kit can help kids with studies, adults with office work, and the elderly to enjoy their leisure time well.
Indeed, the diamond painting is amazing for children with ADHD to improve focus and attention. It’s a practical painting kit for kids to inculcate patience and perseverance.
     DIY Masterpiece for the Wall
Handmade and DIY wall pieces have your heart, right? After dedicating hours to creating this diamond painting dazzling masterpiece, you’d love to décor your room, library, or living room wall to display your efforts.
     Creativity Knows No Age
Demanding extraordinary focus and time, this productivity-boosting creative diamond painting is an ideal gift for Fathers, children, Moms, Grandma or Grandpa, or anyone. Not only is it therapeutic for the brain but also a great mental workout for the ones who lack direction/focus in anything.
     Meditative Experience
The diamond painting reduces free-floating anxiety by turning off the stream of consciousness (the flow of thoughts). The meditative experience is a breather from hectic, monotonous, and non-productive routines. 
Indeed, a tranquil experience for introverts who fail to be expressive about their emotions, it’s a way to channel their pent-up emotions. This one gonna feel like a comforting and safer experience for the heart and soul.
     Creative Expression for Anyone
Don’t be beguiled by the artistic outlook of it, the diamond painting kit is equally great for non-artistic individuals. Simply decode the patterns and follow them up by placing the diamonds rightly. 
     Improves Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination
Children at the early stages of writing and learning benefit tremendously from the diamond painting kit. The tiles are only 2.5mm so it takes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to pick and place each tile in its correct block.
We wish that you relish the benefits of painting by diamond kit to its fullest and it truly adds value to your life!

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